The PAUSE line of cosmetics embodies love for the feminine beauty, regardless of age. It was created for women prospering in the modern world, constantly on the run, living with a purpose - women just like you. Stop for a moment and feel the power of its active ingredients. Feel the immediate effect inspired by professional beauty treatments. Endow your skin with a gift of harmony and balance - a moment to fully relax.

You live on the go, always in the thick of things. You don't want to stand still. You face challenges head on. So you need your skin to be adequately protected. You can't turn back time, but you can stop the visible signs of ageing.


 Each of us dreams of being able to stop the ageing process in which our skin loses its resilience and elasticity. The PAUSE line of cosmetics responds to the most vital needs of today's women - it instantly moisturises, stimulates and regenerates your skin. A precisely developed formula, integrating natural vegetable oils with the latest technology brings you the ZAFFIRO EFFECT that comes from non-invasive thermo-lifting that improves the firmness and condition of your skin. Active ingredients matching the needs of a woman of any age stimulate elasticity and regenerate collagen fibres, firming and smoothing your skin from the inside out.

pause 30

Prepare your skin to face everyday challenges. Find a moment of peace and harmony in the hustle and bustle of daily life. Enjoy professional treatments inspired by beauty salon procedures. Put your trust in the PAUSE 30+ line of cosmetics - it was designed for active and confident women - women like you.

PAUSE 30+ line of cosmetics is your answer to the negative side of the hustle and bustle of life. Discover the revolutionary formula that responds to the critical needs of the skin of young women - hydrating it, improving its elasticity and addressing the first signs of ageing. Feel the ZAFFIRO EFFECT, making your skin dense, firm and tight - looking clearly younger, and all that without a visit to a medical aesthetician. Take advantage of the strengths of natural ingredients - sweet almond oil, Shea butter as well as vitamin E and feel the effects of holistic and long-lasting hydration. Additional support to fight against the effects of stress, fatigue and environmental pollution is guaranteed by SPF 15 and ingredients with anti-pollution properties.

When you are on the run, your skin needs pampering and protection you can trust. PAUSE 30+ line of cosmetics will ensure your comfort under any circumstances.

pause 40

When you follow an active lifestyle and face many challenges on a daily basis your skin demands professional support. Enjoy a moment of stimulation with a rich formula of the PAUSE 40+ line of cosmetics, designed for women who do not want to stand still.

Ensure your skin has the balanced care it deserves, and prevent the negative effects of ageing while maintaining your daily activity. The PAUSE 40+ line of cosmetics will stimulate collagen fibres and instantly improve the condition of your skin, which with age loses firmness and leads to wrinkles standing out. Feel the ZAFFIRO EFFECT inspired by professional beauty treatments, and see how you can improve the appearance and condition of your skin without resorting to doctors and long-term therapies. Enjoy the look of your smooth and regenerated - tight and firm skin. The PAUSE 40+ line of cosmetics contains sweet almond oil, olive oil and Shea butter, which act as instant hydration and soothing factors. Additionally, SPF 15 and anti-pollution ingredients additionally protect your skin against the negative impacts of the environment.

Discover the PAUSE 40+ cosmetic line and enjoy a moment of joy in the hustle and bustle of daily life. Enjoy your revitalised and firm skin regardless under any circumstances.

pause 50

Find a moment of peace in your busy day and endow your skin with professional care. The PAUSE 50+ line of cosmetics will regenerate and protect your skin against drying and will effectively smooth fine lines. Discover creams designed for women who do not want anything to stand in their way.

The Pause 50+ line of cosmetics has been designed for mature skin that needs nutrition and more concentrated care. Enjoy professional care and feel the ZAFFIRO EFFECT - appreciate your firm and visibly lifted skin without having to undergo long-term therapies at the beauty salon. Take advantage of the active ingredient complex that will make your skin smoother, reduce wrinkles from the inside and give back your skin's elasticity. The natural ingredients found in the PAUSE 50+ line of cosmetics, such as avocado, sweet almond and cotton oils as well as Vitamin E will nourish and protect your skin. You no longer have to fear negative environmental impacts - you will be protected by SPF 15 and ingredients with anti-pollution properties.

Appreciate a moment of balanced care and enjoy your active life as well as rested and revitalised skin.

pause universal

You value your active lifestyle and do not want to compromise your independence, but your skin needs tranquillity and protection. Care for it with the PAUSE line of cosmetics and feel the ZAFFIRO EFFECT - a firm and smooth skin, ready for everyday action without a visit to a medical aesthetician. The precisely developed cosmetic formula will embrace your skin with natural protection - let the PAUSE line of cosmetics give your skin a time-out in the middle of your busy day.


The ONLY YOU cream combines the balanced care for your face, neck and neckline region with the latest technology. Natural oils, Vitamin E as well as hydrating active ingredients stimulate the regeneration of collagen fibres, reduce wrinkles from the inside and make your skin smooth and firm. The concentrated formula of the cream instantly smooths and improves your skin, firming the neck and neckline areas.   


You can rely on the concentrated formula to care for the area around your lips, nose and forehead. The PAUSE serum reduces the volume and area of wrinkles, endowing you with younger and brighter looking skin. The serum contains the "concentrate of life" ingredient - retrieved from algae stems instantly restoring the natural beauty of your skin. 


Greet the day looking beautiful and ready for new challenges. The PAUSE SLEEPING MASK will deeply nourish and hydrate your complexion during sleep. The active ingredients will soothe your skin and give it balance. You can rely on its rich formula, which makes your skin ready for everyday activities. 

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